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Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is having trouble at home, will Day Care help?

Of Course it depends on the issues you are having, however our customers often report that their dogs are so tired from all the play they do with us that they simply don't have the desire to get into any trouble at home.

Will my dog be outside all day?

The length of time your dog spends outside will depend greatly on the weather. If the weather is nice and the dogs will be comfortable playing outside, they will be given every opportunity to play outside and socialize to their heart's content. 

What will my dog do when it is too cold / warm / wet / miserable outside?

When the weather is not cooperating with us, your dog will rotated outside for short periods of time to ensure they are not overly affected by the weather. 

My dog is a runner, what is done to make sure she / he does not escape?

Your dog will never be left loose with the option to run away. Our outdoor play area is fenced in and dogs are always on leash when on path walks or traveling to and from the outdoor play areas. All dogs are supervised in the play areas and on the leash walks.

Can I book a tour of the Kennel?

Our insurance does not allow us to have customers inside the kennel where the dogs are kept. We have pictures of all areas of the kennel throughout our website for you to look at and we welcome anyone to come by during our drop off and pick up times to visit with us.

My dog has allergies. will you make sure they don't eat anything but their food?

Our first priority is your dog's health and safety. All our guests are feed separately and never have access to another dogs food. We are generous with treats however we only feed treats to dogs with allergies that are provided by the owner.

How old does my dog need to be to stay at your kennel?

We accept dogs of all ages. However depending on the age of the dog and the vaccination recommendations, puppies are at higher risk of contracting a communicable disease in an environment such as a kennel. We therefore highly recommend not boarding your puppy until they have all of their vaccinations.

Should I medicate my dog against fleas and ticks?

We recommend medicating against fleas and ticks for all dogs. Fleas and ticks are prevalent in the Ottawa area and are carriers of communicable diseases and internal parasites.

My dog has shown signs of aggression towards other dogs, will you accept them?

Yes, we deal with many dogs which show signs of aggression through the training aspect of our kennel. however, additional charges apply for aggressive dogs as they must be segregated from all other dogs and special handling is required to properly care for these dogs. due to the time requirements needed to care for an aggressive dog, we are only able to accept a limited number of these dogs at a time on any given day. 

My dog has shown signs of aggression towards humans will you accept them?

We do not accept dogs who are aggressive or show signs of aggression towards humans. We also do not accept dog who have a bite history.

Are you able to administer medications to my dog? 

Yes, we are able to administer a variety of medications. Dogs requiring daily medications should be booked under "Special care required". Dogs who require a medication once during their stay do not need to be booked under "Special care required" and will be charged and additional fee for the one medication.  All medications must be in their original packaging and with clear dosage instructions provided.

My dog is currently injured, are you able to care for them? 

Yes, Depending on the care required additional fees may apply however we are able to accommodate most dogs with non serious injuries. Clear instructions for care must be provided and all medical supplies must be provided. The dog should be booked in under "Special care required".

Can I request how long my dog will be outside?

Yes, if you prefer that your dog spends more time inside, we are happy to accommodate.

Can I leave toys / bedding with my dog?

Yes, we ask that you bring no more than 2 toys and 1 bed for your dog. ensure the toys can not be eaten and keep in mind that some dogs tend to chew on their bedding when in a kennel. therefore please do not leave anything with your dog which you can not live without. 

How do you handle new / nervous dogs?

We take great care to ensure all our guests enjoy their stay with us. All new dogs first taken for a walk to familiarize them with they're environment. they are then introduced to other dogs one at a time. To do this, we bring a new or nervous dog out to the play area alone first for them to investigate the area. We then bring one other dog to the play area to begin forming a pack with the new or nervous dog. We continue this process until all the dogs are in the play area. Our goal is to create the pack around the new or nervous dog keeping them at ease.