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Daycare Description

Playing in one of the best dog daycares in Ottawa

You know that the second you walk through your door after a long day’s work, your dog will pounce on you!

Here at Kennel Club Boarding, we believe that every day should be an adventure for your dog! Your dog can play and explore all day with us while making new doggie friends of all shapes and sizes. For less than lovely days, we also have an indoor play area. After all of that playing, your pup can cuddle up with their new friends for a well-deserved rest. And you can rest assured that your dog has enjoyed a fantastic day, playing in a fun and safe environment while you had to be away.

If your dog prefers a more chill experience, our indoor playroom offers plenty of toys and balls to chase after. The indoor playroom has cozy spots for lounging, and all of the staff snuggles a dog could ever dream of! Many of our smaller pups and senior dogs find our indoor playroom the perfect spot to romp the day away at their own pace.

Both the indoor and outdoor daycares are fully monitored. We strive to ensure that every dog is happy and engaged all day long! And when it comes time to go home, your best friend is calm and ready to snuggle all night long!

Kennel Club Boarding can make a world of difference for both you and your pet. If you are struggling with a dog who is bored, destructive, overweight, or in need of some extra socialization, we can help!


Q: What do the dogs do during daycare?

A: The dogs are outside playing in groups all day


Q: How much time do the dogs spent in crates?

A: Dogs are crated when they arrive untill the groups are made and they are brought out to their play areas. They stay outside all day with their friends. At the end of the day, the dogs are brought in and crated 20 to 30 mins before their pick up time.


Q: Are the dogs outside when its raining, snowing, cold, hot out?

A: In bad weather the dogs are rotated outside. with periods inside to avoid the worst of the weather. 


Q: Is anyone watch the dogs while they are there?

A: All dogs are supervised when outside.


Q: Do the dogs have water / shelter

A: All play areas have shade and fresh water. some of our play areas have pools for dogs that like to lay in the water and heat lamps and bedding (straw) in the winter.

Did you know?

Dogsafe Canine First Aid

We always have at least one staff member on duty who has graduated from the Dog Safe Canine First Aid course and have multiple dog specific first aid kits on hand throughout the kennel and property. We also keep hypoallergenic gastrointestinal food on-site in case any of our guests get an upset stomach or loose bowels while they are with us. We keep essentials in our doggie first aid kits to take care of minor bumps and bruises that do not require a veterinarian's attention. We always consult with you (or your emergency contact) prior to administering any first aid or changing your dog's food so you are always aware of how your dog is doing and have complete control of any treatments given to your dog.