Aggressive dogs

Thanks to our experience with working and protection dogs, we are well educated on caring for aggressive dogs and would be happy to provide a safe, comfortable environment for your dog while you are away. We not only take care to ensure that we are safe around your dog, we also take steps to ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible while staying with us. We focus on reducing sources of stress and keeping your dog as relaxed as possible to reduce any triggers your dog may have which bring out aggression.

We define aggressive behavior in a dog as any behavior connected with an attack or an impending attack on a human or animal. This includes, but is not limited to, becoming still and rigid, growling, snarling, baring teeth, lunging, nipping or biting. Any dog displaying any of these signs towards a human should be book with us as an aggressive dog. Special care will be taken with your dog to ensure their safety and ours.

Any dog booked for care with us who displays any of these behaviors will be reclassified as an aggressive dog to ensure they are cared for appropriately. Our goal is to ensure a safe environment for your dog, the other dogs in our care as well as ourselves.

We strongly recommend contacting us if your dog has displayed these signs and you are looking to have them boarded.

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