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Training (Private Session)
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Training (Private Session)

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Private Dog Training Sessions

Are you struggling with a behaviour challenge and need a customised plan for your dog.

You’re not alone! a large part of our business is private training. We work with almost all cases. Some behaviors have a physical origin and we may choose to refer to a Veterinarian for follow-up to rule out medical causes for concerning behaviour.

We work with dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds, whether they are from reputable breeders, hobby breeders, rescues, or shelters. We don’t discriminate!

Private lessons are focused on giving you the knowledge you need to work with your dog. This is by far the most enduring approach to training your dog.

Typical challenges we often see include:

  • Reactivity and aggression towards dogs and/or people

  • Resource guarding (possession aggression)

  • Fears, anxiety, and phobias

  • General manners (jumping up, pulling on leash, demand barking)

  • Multi-dog (or multi-pet) households

  • Dog & baby prep / dogs & children

  • Rescue dog assessments

  • Puppy prep & training

Our goal is to get behind the causes of behaviors and not simply look at the symptom(s). We analyze the problem behaviors to find and address the source of the issues creating a lasting result and passing on the knowledge required to address changing situations and behaviors. Our private sessions are tailored to both you and your dog(s). We give you the tools that apply to your situation and explain the reasoning behind the training so you can then recognize and address the root cause.

We encourage you to bring all members of your household to participate in the training to ensure your dog receives consistency at home. 

Once booked, we will contact you to set up a date and time for your session.

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