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Healthy Weight Package (Board and Train)
Kennel Club Boarding

Healthy Weight Package (Board and Train)

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To book this service, all of your dogs vaccinations must be up to date.

Obesity in dogs is the major contributor to a shortened life span. That is why we developed the Healthy Weight program. Few things saden us more than seeing a dog who is not enjoying their lives due to their weight.
We can bring your dog back to the weight nature intended for them. Our program starts with a vet assessment to determine their ideal weight and identify any possible limiting health factors. During the vet visit a weight loss meal plan is designed to ensure safe and effective weight loss for your dog. Appropriate dog food is chosen and our meal plan is implemented. During the program, exercise is gradually introduced to ensure a safe return to normal energy levels without undue stress.
Your dogs weight loss will be veterinarian supervised and changes made as required.
The Healthy Weight program includes:
  • initial vet visit
  • 4 weeks (28 Days) boarding
  • multiple exercise session per day
  • Weekly updates
  • Private training session for you and your dog

Included in the program is an in-home training session, taking place before reintroduction to your home. This session will cover theory, practice and implementation of the newly taught behaviours and diet. The in-home training session is designed to educate and equip you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to better manage your dog’s weight, as well as provide continued help and support to ensure long-lasting results.

Due to the individual needs of each dog, the program may require more or less time to complete. 

Note: As with all dog training, your dog will follow the habits and behaviors learnt during their stay with us. However without consistency and rigid guidelines at home, your dog is likely to revert back to their previous weight. It is important to commit to your dogs program and follow the guidance provided during the private training session for the continued success of your dog.