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Behavior Rehabilitation Package (Board and Train)
Kennel Club Boarding

Behavior Rehabilitation Package (Board and Train)

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To book this service, all of your dogs vaccinations must be up to date.

The Behaviour Rehabilitation package is a Board & Train program for problematic dogs with extreme behavioural issues, too difficult to address and correct through in-home private training. The program is appropriate for dogs of any age, experiencing high intensity to red-zone (over-threshold) behaviour issues. One of the more common issues is fear and insecurity, which lead to various forms of reactive behaviour.

The program involves your dog residing at our location for a period of 8 weeks (56 Days). The withdrawal of the dog from their home environment makes it much easier on them, because he or she will be in a new environment, without any pre-existing patterns and behaviours. Once a dog is removed from their environment, it can take up to a week for an aggressive, anxious, or fearful dog to begin to trust us and start to adapt to the new requirements. During this time, the dog will basically detox and start on a fresh slate.

The program is tailored to your goals with an emphasis on the needs of your dog. Just like humans, dogs are unique individuals and therefore require individualized training plans according to their temperament and personality. We find the source of the problem, rather than just focusing on the symptoms, and engineer a personalized training solution, specific to your dog, to address the core issue of the behaviour.

The duration and cost of the program depend on the nature and severity of your dog’s behaviour, as well as how much work and time is required to correct and reshape his or her behaviour and responses, before having a proper introduction back to your home environment.

Included in the program are a one hour training session for you , taking place after the rehabilitation. This session will covering theory, practice and implementation of the newly taught behaviours. We focus on educating and equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to better manage your dog’s behaviour, as well as provide continued help and support to ensure long-lasting results.

Behavioural issues include:

  • Fear, insecurity, nervousness, skittish, hypersensitive
  • Anxiety (mild to extreme), separation anxiety, distress
  • Resource guarding and possessive behaviour (food and or water aggression, guarding objects, toys, bones, furniture, people)
  • Escaping (bolting out the door, jumping fences, digging or chewing to escape)
  • Extreme over-hyperactive or high-strung behaviours (unable to settle down)
  • Extreme territorial behaviours (biting new people entering the home)
  • Snapping or biting while being handled (grooming, bathing, nail clipping, paw cleaning, brushing)
  • Sound and sight fears and phobias (thunderstorms, trucks)
  • Reactive behaviors:
    • Dog to dog on-leash reactivity
    • Dog to human on-leash reactivity
    • Dog to animal reactivity
    • Dog to vehicle reactivity (motorcycle, bicycle)
  • RED-ZONE behaviours:
    • Dog to dog aggression
    • Dog to human aggression
    • Fear based aggression
    • Dominance aggression
    • Territorial aggression
    • Possessive aggression


For the health and safety of both your dog and trainers, All dogs admitted to the behavior rehabilitation program will require a vet check and clean bill of health upon acceptance to the program.

Due to the individual needs of each dog, the program may require more or less time to complete. 

Note: As with all dog training, your dog will follow the habits and behavior learnt during their stay with us however without consistency and rigid guidelines at home your dog is likely to revert back to previous behaviors. It is important to commit to your dogs training and follow the guidance provided during the private training sessions for the continuing success of your dog.