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Board and Train
Board and Train
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Board and Train

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To book this service, all of your dogs vaccinations must be up to date.

We all dream of having the perfect dog - affectionate, well adjusted, obedient and calm. If you don’t have the time, energy or expertise to transform your dog into the perfect pet, consider Kennel Club Boarding's Board and Train service.

Quick fixes are not our goal. We do not teach your dog tricks or cut corners Our aim is to provide guidance to your dog to become a balanced, calm member of your family. The exact program that is best for you is determined through our Behavioral Assessment prior to boarding. All programs include telephone/email updates to suit your schedule and preference. Every program includes a follow up session at no charge and we spend time with you when you pick up you dog to go through your dogs progress, what needs to continue at home and possibly what needs to stop to ensure that you have a seamless transition back home. Dogs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and we never have more than two Board and Train dogs at any time, so space is limited. Board and Train dogs spend their days with us so we don't miss any opportunity to teach. 

We will work together to determine what’s best for your dog.

Dog and Human aggressive dogs

We are one of the only kennels and training facilities to accept aggressive dogs in the Ottawa area. We work and own protection trained dogs, and through our experience training these dogs, are able to see through the barking, growling and biting to identify the root cause of the dogs aggression. Too often we are consulted by owners after they have worked with other trainers only to report that the aggression has gotten worse or has manifested in new situations. This is usually because only the symptoms were addressed and nothing was done to identify or target the root cause of the dogs behavior. We take our time to identify the dogs needs and correct the underlying issues which often leads to the aggression subsiding on it's own. The end result is a more balanced dog who thrives with you. 

Typical situations and the time needed to rectify them:

For dogs with typical behavioral issues such as jumping, leash pulling, nipping, barking, counter surfing and rushing through doors: 1 - 2 weeks.

For dogs with severe behavioral issues such as high anxiety or over-assertiveness, aggression on leash: 3 - 4 weeks.

For puppies at the critical learning age (between two and six months) our program develops structure, social skills, crate training and guides them to appropriate behaviors to start them off on the right path. 2 - 4 weeks.

Times required will vary based on the issues present, temperament and ability of the dog to learn.