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Finding a good breeder

Adding a new puppy to your family can be very exciting but deciding on what breed best suits you and your family is only part of the process. Just as much time should be spent on selecting your breeder, the person who will not only bring your puppy into this world and provide first-rate care for the first several months of your puppy’s life, but who will also be part of your puppy-raising support team for many years to come. 

Ensure your breeder is a member of the Canadian Kennel Club and adheres to it's code of conduct and Ethics. Also ensure that the the breeders dogs conform to breeds standard as well as the rules of eligibility.
The process of choosing an accountable breeder who will be a good fit for you and your family, can seem challenging, here is a list of key tips to help.

  • Research if the breeder is active in their canine communities

​Most accountable breeders are entrenched in activities revolving around their dogs and their breeds, demonstrating how passionate they are.

  • The breeder should be committed to educating and supporting their puppy families

Breeders have extensive knowledge about their breeds and their wisdom can be extremely helpful to their puppy families.

  • Ask the breeder if they perform health testing on their breeding dogs

One of a breeder’s primary goals should be to breed healthy, balanced and sound puppies. One of the ways to achieve this is through health testing.

  • Ask the breeder if your puppy will be checked by a veterinarian and microchipped before they are sent home

At a minimum, your puppy should come home with their first set of vaccinations, vet records and a unique identifier such as a microchip.

  • Schedule a visit with the breeder and puppies before you purchase your puppy

An accountable breeder welcomes prospective puppy owners to visit them and their kennels, and will want to get to know you, your family, and your lifestyle.

  • Understand the breeder’s application and selling process

When discussing purchasing a puppy from an accountable breeder you should expect a thorough evaluation process.

  • Be Prepared to Wait

Most accountable breeders have waiting lists so you may be required to wait several months or a year or more to bring home a puppy.

  • Double Check Your Sources

Adding a new member to your family can be an exciting and patience-trying experience, but don’t let your anticipation of your new arrival let you forget that not all individuals selling dogs or puppies are accountable, reputable breeders.