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Behavioral Assessment

$175 / Dog

Our behavioral Assessment is based on a methodical observational process which allows us to outline the underlying causes for your dogs problematic behaviors.

We observe your dog over a 24 hour period to allow your dog to adapt to our environment as well as remove any current influences which allows us to determine the root cause of any issue that may be present.

During the behavioral assessment, we bring your dog into situations which he or she usually reacts to and observe his or her behavior leading up to, during, and after the interaction. We repeat this multiple times throughout the assessment, changing factors such as, duration, distance and distractions all while observing your dog and his or her reactions. our goal is to fully understand how and why they are behaving the way they do as well as the influences involved in the reaction that they are having.

Armed with this information we are able to develop a solid understanding of both the issue(s) at hand and the training needed to reestablish harmony for your dog and address the root cause your dogs issue.

At the end of the assessment we will discuss our observations, the recommended training plan and our expected results with you.

Both Patrick and Chandra are members of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers and have trained and breed dogs for competition in obedience, tracking and protection. They have helped many dogs become balanced members of the family and also saved a number of dogs from being euthanized due to their extreme behaviors.

Our Behavioral Assessment and Board and Train services are reserved for dogs with behavioral issues such as sever anxiety and / or aggression. We recommend group or private lessons for issues with basic obedience, feel free to contact us for recommendations for lessons in the area.


Behavioral Assessments and Board and Train service can be booking by contacting us through our Contact us page