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Breeding Program

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Thank you for your interest in our dogs. Although we sell some of our puppies, We breed to keep our lineage strong and to provide us with dogs. The remaining dogs are then sold. We work very hard to ensure that we produce healthy puppies both physically and mentally.

We do our best to make sure our puppies receive the best possible start while with us.

During the first two months of their lives with us we are continuously developing the puppies to ensure they are well behaved and exposed to as many different environments as possible. From the time they are born we are manipulating their ears, feet, eyes, mouths, and tails to ensure they become accustomed people touching them. This makes their vet visits very easy and much less stressful for them. At 3 weeks old they begin to interact with as many people as we can to expose them to different types of touching and cuddles. From the moment they can walk we begin to teach them to follow us, come when called and guide them through appropriate play. From 5 to 6 weeks old we begin to crate train the puppies making the transition to your home a much easier one. We also feed the puppies excellent food and supplement their food to ensure they are as healthy as possible.

A Facebook group is created for each of our litters to connect all of our puppy families together. In the first months after the puppies are born we use the group to update families on the progress of the puppies with pictures and videos of the activities we are doing with them. We also use the group to offer advice to help you prepare for the arrival of your new family member. Once the puppies leave us, we keep in contact to help guide you through the puppies transition to your home. The group also enables you to reach out to the other families and compare your experiences or to arrange playdates. The group is maintained for the life of the dogs.

All of this is very time consuming and would not be possible if we were volume breeders doing this as a business. The result of our efforts is a puppy that is well balanced and healthy. Our puppies constantly receive compliments from vets on their health and temperment.

Before applying to reserve a puppy with us, please note the following

These dogs are highly intelligent and trainable. Their ability to learn complex commands is among the highest of all dog breeds. With the right attention and training this could be the best dog you'll ever own. This will only happen however if time and effort is put into training your dog. Your dogs behavior will directly reflect the quality and quantity of the training put into him / her.

We place our dogs with families / individuals based the dogs temperament, energy and drive. We do our best to accommodate your preferences (Color, sex, size, etc.) however the final decision for each puppies placement remains with us. We test each Puppy between 7 and 8 weeks old, this is when we make our final decision and will be able to tell you which puppy will be going home with you. Deposits are non-refundable, you therefore will need to trust our experience and expertise to place the right puppy with you before you submit your application and pay your deposit.

Puppies are placed on a first come first serve basis. it is therefore best to reserve early.

We do not sell multiple puppies / dogs from the same litter to the same household.

We do not sell breeding rights for our dogs / puppies.

The price of our dogs / puppies is not negotiable.

To reserve one of our puppies, please fill out the application below and email it to

Download the puppy application here

Our Puppy adoption process is as follows

1) Submission of Puppy application

2) Site visit with the puppies parents and possibly the puppies themselves if they are born and older than 3 weeks.

3) Contact your references

4) Offer to reserve a puppy, review of contract and non breeding agreement

5) Submission of signed sales agreement

6) Submission of signed non breeding agreement

7) Deposit or payment depending on the age of the dog

Once the above steps are successfully completed a puppy will be reserved or sold to you and you will be added to the litters private facebook group.